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Root RPG – Report „Beginning“

For supporters of the Root RPG’s Kickstarter, there was a full preview of the rules recently. I’ve already offered a few oneshots, but now I want to see how the rules play out over several sessions to get a better impression. And so we play a fewshot and see where it leads us in the woodland.

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Broken Tales – Preview

There are currently many exciting and interesting crowdfundings running. I came across Broken Tales by chance. Here fairy tale characters, a dark alternative version of our world and a fast system with a lot of freedom for the players are mixed together, so exactly my case. There is a quickstart to get a first impression and I want to summarize the most important elements.

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Mausritter – Introduction

There are games that speak to you directly, be it because of the presentation, the topic or because it is particularly interesting for a certain target group. In the case of Mausritter, everything applies to me and my daughter gazed at the box with big eyes. She has to be patient a little longer (she is waay to young), but I can deal with this great game.

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