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Tiny Dungeon 2e – Report „Through the great forest“

I introduced Tiny Dungeon 2e a while ago and we finally got around to playing a little adventure. Since the rules are very simple, I focused my preparation on our adventure. I have prepared a kind of hex crawl with all sorts of interesting places.

Game master:



  • Crash as Nixi, Goblin
  • Meisterin as Ursunna, Karhu
  • Steph as Alsarra, Fae

The group was on their way to Vaiuna, the city on the lake. Ursunna had the order from a healer friend to bring a small package there, which contained a possible cure for a rampant disease. Therefore, the three heroes wanted to travel through the great forest, the fastest way to Vaiuna. It was warm and sunny, but the first impression was wrong. Ursunna had a bad feeling when entering the forest and although you could hear many animals and insects, not one could be seen. In addition, some of the trees were colored strangely, which worried everyone.

Alsarra could see some tree markings leading to a nearby shrine that was completely destroyed. A part also seemed to be missing. Ursunna finally made out an animal, a frightened squirrel reported about a horde of orcs who had stolen an emerald from the shrine. The shrine was intended to suppress the evil in the forest, which was now on the rise again. The group decided to restore the shrine and go hunting for the orcs. Together they decided to go over the little mountain in the forest. Nixi had a hard fight ascending the mountain and was taken on her back by the she-bear. From the elevated position, the goblin could make out an overgrown graveyard in the forest and was certain that something was moving there.

Ursunna and Alsarra were both exhausted when they reached the summit, but the view from here was even better. Indeed, several figures seemed to be moving in the cemetery. Still, it was decided that one should follow the trail of the orcs. Several billows of smoke hinted at a camp in the north of the forest and so the three heroes went back down from the mountain. On the way, the group heard movement and someone seemed to be drinking something by a body of water. All three ran straight into a troll’s arms and a fight broke out. The enemy was tough, but Ursunna took advantage of the troll’s mental weakness and was able to put him to flight.

A little later, the group discovered a robbed cart. Their owners had been killed by the orcs, but a man had fled into the bushes with the last of his strength and brought his belongings, a small bag, to safety. From the pouch, Alsarra took a crown with rubies, which appeared to contain a fire. From a distance, the group made out the orcs’ camp and Nixi crept swiftly up to them. He explored everything and reported to his companions. Ursunna wanted to stun all the orcs with a few herbs, but couldn’t find anything suitable nearby. However, she found roots that have a laxative effect and so Nixi sneaked back to the camp and added the medicine to the wine.

Before long, orc after orc ran into the forest to relieve themselves. The group took the chance and everything was searched. Alsarra found the stone they were looking for and took some more loot with him. Ursunna was able to take a potion and so the group returned to the shrine. It was decided that they wanted to get help in Vaiuna so that they could drive away the orcs once and for all.

The three finally arrived in Vaiuna that evening and handed over their package. They wanted to take care of the orcs and also explore the cemetery, because there was certainly much more to discover and experience.


The evening was very pleasant and due to the simple rules, we were able to focus a lot more on the role play and our adventure. I was asked directly about a sequel, which we want to tackle soon. Tiny Dungeon 2e is a great role-playing game and, due to the easy rules, very suitable for beginners. I’m looking forward to our second adventure.

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