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Forbidden Lands – Report #1 „First steps in a new world“

At the end of last year, I had decided that in addition to the many oneshots I would also like to play a campaign again. The selection was large, but Forbidden Lands prevailed and so we want to play the official Raven’s Purge campaign.

Game master:



  • Achim83 as Dumrosch, dwarf fighter
  • Schwarze Wolke as Ghari, goblin rider
  • Dark Shadow as Garwig, human sorcerer
  • Rickyfox as Nessel, goblin hunter

Our adventure begins in a small place called Ochsenheim. The disappearance of the blood mist was used directly by the local cattle barons and they massively expanded their pasture areas, much to the displeasure of the farmers. They want to make the land arable and are in competition with the cattle owners. The drovers have set up a small outpost south of Ochsenheim and it is full of life. Dumrosch the dwarf finally wants to experience an adventure and was looking for like-minded people. Garwig, the human healer of the settlement, tried to talk to as many people as possible and convince them of his ideas. He is always completely covered and wears a mask, which is why he is easily recognizable from a distance. Ghari and Nessel, two goblins, also watch the action. They start a conversation and get to know each other a little. They also learn that some of the drovers seem to have a problem with the dwarf, but since he is one of the most skilled fighters, nobody dares to resolve the conflict. Some riders came ridden from the south and looked rather bruised. When the group realizes that the men were looking for treasure, they prick up their ears. Garwig and Nessel want to find out more, but are rather harshly rejected. One of the men had thrown a piece of leather on the floor and of course it attracted attention. All four of them took a quiet look at the find and were able to find a rough map as well as a kind of story. This described a treasure on the bank of a lake and with the help of the map, the group was able to narrow down the location.

Ghari informed her family that they wanted to go and then the group headed south without detour. The lake described was a day’s journey away and on their way, the group could make out a kind of procession. A huge metal construct was pulled by a horde. It was decided to avoid it and in the evening the group set up camp for the night. Nessel wanted to take over the watch and went to sleep earlier, but he made the acquaintance of a skunk and found no restful sleep. During the night, he could make out some torches near a ruined tower, which turned out to be a gang of orcs. However, these moved further east and the group remained unharmed in their camp.

The next morning the group wanted to explore the ruins more closely and made their way through the defective gatehouse. In the courtyard they were attacked by a being that was half bird, half human. Nessel let go of a hail of arrows while Garwig took cover in the broken stable. Dumrosch fended off an attack and brought the creature to the ground, cutting off one ear. They captured the creature and questioned it. In exchange for information about the unsuccessful treasure hunters and the hiding place of the treasure, it was released and withdrew.

After a long search, the group was able to start digging on the shore of the lake and they were able to pull a small box out of the sand. There was some jewellery in it; the dwarf was bitterly disappointed with the meagre prey. Now the question was how to proceed. The first adventure was at least experienced, but many more will be waiting for our heroes.


We had a very great evening. We started slow so my players could get to know the core elements of Forbidden Lands. The modules from Forbidden Lands and Raven’s Purge in Foundry make my work a lot easier and my players have access to the rules at all times. I look forward to further adventures.

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