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Forbidden Lands – Report #2 „Of Bandits, Ruins and Monster“

We continued our campaign and made the forbidden lands unsafe. Little by little, the group gets to know themselves and their surroundings and, unfortunately makes unpleasant acquaintances on their journey. You can find part 1 here.

Game master:



  • Achim83 as Dumrosch, dwarf fighter
  • Schwarze Wolke as Ghari, goblin rider
  • Dark Shadow as Garwig, human sorcerer
  • Rickyfox as Nessel, goblin hunter

After the group was successful in their treasure hunt, everyone wanted to go back to Ochsenheim. The edge of the forest looked tempting and so they decided to take a detour. The trip was interrupted by a gathering storm and the group was able to hide in a cave under a tree. Since they saw no other option, the majority of the group rested and recovered from the rigors of the previous trip.

During the night, Nessel kept watch again and could make out some figures on horses riding deeper into the forest. The next morning he reported it to the rest of the group. Then they went on towards home. Our heroes came across an overturned cart with several injured people. They were asked for help and Garwig and Dumrosch were there immediately. Too late, they noticed that the injuries were only fake and Garwig surrendered immediately. One of the injured stabbed the dwarf with a knife, who took his axe and almost completely severed his leg. One bandit was shot down in the stomach and a third was shot in the neck, which left him bleeding to death within a few moments. The man who had Garwig in his power ran away and ran deeper into the forest.

Dumrosch questioned one of the robbers and found out about their gang and their leader. They looted everything and ran away quickly before reinforcements arrived. From a distance they could make out a large mountain, near which a creature was flying, which seemed to be a mixture of horse and bird, but by then they reached Ochsenheim. Ghari visited her family while Dumrosch and Garwig went to the local trader. There they wanted to sell their treasure. The dealer made offers that were excessively low, but neither of them let themselves be ripped off and so they were able to negotiate a handsome sum. Ghari was currently examining the book and map they had taken from the bandits. Both gave indications of an old shelter of orcs in the middle of the forest from which they had just come. The bandit camp was also marked.

However, the group rested first and then discussed how to proceed. They wanted to explore the ruins and maybe see what kind of camp it was. Therefore, they travelled back towards the forest and were able to make out the ruin. Here it smelled of death and decay, it looked like a rider and his animal had been attacked here. Ghari didn’t want to go into the ruin and so only the remaining three heroes went in. Dumrosch just wanted to rush ahead when they realized they weren’t alone. A monster, a manticore, came up from the basement and attacked the group. Dumrosch gave everything and his ax broke. He fought like a bear and together they killed the beast. Now it was time to explore the ruins further, which we will do in our next session.


The session was incredibly fun and we are getting more and more familiar with the rules. The rules for hunting in particular are very exciting, and the exploration of the area is making good progress. I’ve worked a lot with the random tables and they deliver exciting events, even if my group has avoided a lot of trouble so far.

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