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Tiny Dungeon 2e – Report „The crypt under the cemetery“

Our last adventure of TD2e was so much fun that we agreed to play another session. The group wanted to explore the cemetery in the forest and I prepared accordingly. What will Nixi, Urssuna and Alsarra find this time?

Game master:



  • Crash as Nixi, goblin
  • Master as Urssuna, karhu
  • Steph as Alsarra, fairy

After they delivered the package, our group wanted to learn more about the cemetery. They were sent to the storyteller Albava who might be able to help. Therefore, the group went to the market square, which was located directly on the promenade on the lake. Surrounded by eagerly listening children, Albava was just talking about an enchanted tree. After the story, our three heroes approached the old woman and were actually able to get some information. In exchange for fruits and a few sweets for the children, they learned that the cemetery was very old and had been left to nature for hundreds of years. A dark seer is said to have been buried alive there and the evil magic still haunts the place.

First, the group wanted to see everything from a distance and went back to the mountain in the forest. In the market place they bought the essentials beforehand, especially binoculars should come in handy. After the strenuous climb, they observed the cemetery and spotted walking skeletons patrolling the site. The storyteller had told them that a five-leaf clover might help against the evil magic. The three struggled and actually found such a plant.

They marched straight to the cemetery and Alsarra used his latest spell to summon a skeleton himself. A stone thrown showed the group that the patrolling skeletons responded to sounds, but not to the summoned skeleton. Alsarra commanded his servant to the ruined chapel and to open the door. The group wanted to sneak to the building, but was discovered and so everyone ran straight to the ruin and barricaded the door. The chapel was full of broken benches and behind the altar, a staircase went deep into the earth. Slowly the group stepped down and discovered a crypt.

In an empty room, Nixi looked for traces and was able to pull out a silver key from a tiny crack in the wall. Many of the other rooms were empty or in ruins. However, the columned hall, which was completely criss-crossed by stone cobwebs, was interesting. A dead man was leaning against one of the pillars. In the room next to the hall, they found a sword on a pedestal that everyone was interested in. Therefore, they did not notice that something was approaching from behind. At the last moment, they noticed the huge spider that gradually emerged from its petrification.

The fight was exhausting and Urssuna had to deal with the consequences of the poison after being bitten. In the end, they set the spider on fire and were able to continue their exploration unhindered. In the rubble of the spider’s den, they found a key that was identical to the one they had found earlier. They came to the last room, which had some sort of vault door. The door could be opened with the two keys and they found a huge telescope and a desk with all kinds of books and notes. The group couldn’t figure out why the telescope was here under the earth, but a look through it showed a place in the desert. As soon as the user blinked, the scene changed. The quick study of the books showed that it was a diary. For hundreds of years someone had noted his observations here. The occurrence of the mysterious disease was also described here, which showed that future events could also be seen with the telescope. The group wanted to study the records and use them as a guide.


Once again, we had a great session. Tiny D6 is such a beautifully simple and fast system that we could focus a lot more on the story. Actually, we had planned an oneshot at the beginning, but we will continue and my players are excited about what to expect in the third adventure.

A few minutes before our session I got my package with the print version of the German Tiny Dungeon 2e version. Especially the deck of cards with the opponents and the magic items made me improvise even better. The quality is excellent and my daughter wanted to keep the dice for herself. I like the black dice a little better than the white version, but that’s probably a matter of taste. The colour coding on the dice is great, so a five and six have the green TD2e shield in the background, a four is yellow (if you use the focus action) and the one, two and three are highlighted in red. That makes it a lot easier, especially for younger players.

We have only played two adventures with Tiny Dungeon 2e, but so far it is one of the very few games that I can unreservedly recommend for beginners and it is also well suited for younger players. It is extremely pleasant to “switch off” the rule aspect and to be able to concentrate completely on the story.

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