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Forbidden Lands – Report #3 „Make plans“

We started our third adventure with a slightly different line-up. This time we made a little less progress, but it was a lot of fun again and we were able to get to know the world a little better despite technical difficulties.

Game master:



  • Achim83 as Dumrosh, dwarf fighter
  • Schwarze Wolke as Ghari, goblin rider
  • Dark Shadow as Garwig, human sorcerer
  • Eulenspiegel as Iralos Tengather, halfling hunter

After the events with the manticore, Dumrosch first needed a new weapon. Therefore, he sat down in the camp that had already been set up and built himself a club. At the same time, he poured a good amount of alcohol to deal with the horror. The rest also returned and both Ghari and Iralos went hunting for the time being. The halfling was unsuccessful and stepped into a trap himself. Fortunately, he was able to break free quickly. In return, Ghari was able to find and kill a wild boar, which brought the group a fair amount of supplies.

During the night, Iralos kept watch and could make out several figures and so he woke the rest of the group. Dumrosch wanted to confront the three men, but they were hostile and already looked very tired. The dwarf destroyed his new club in combat and after two bandits were incapacitated, the third man bled to death from his injuries because the group could not agree whether they wanted to help him.

The rest of the men were taken care of and handcuffed. During interrogation, they learned that the bandit leader Karras had sent them to a ruin at the end of the forest. However, the way there was difficult and a rider was eaten by a monster. The ruins also seemed to be guarded by flying beings and so they returned home without any further information. The group could learn how big the bandit band was.

The next day they went to the ruins of the manticore again and this time the group also found loot, which they took with them. Some of the things should make some money. The next steps were discussed, but the group was not sure about it. First, they want to go back to Ochsenheim and then there were rumours about an old town in the north. Establishing a trade route to the city would certainly be very lucrative.


The session was a little shorter than usual and we had to make do with the dice with a Discord bot. However, that was okay and we had a lot of fun. We changed our story a bit and replaced Nessel directly with Iralos. I am excited which way our story will continue.

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