Welcome to Dice Adventurer!

This blog is dedicated to tabletop roleplaying games and especially those who need a broader audience. It all started in September 2015 when I couldn’t find enough players in the German community for oneshots. Because smaller games (mostly Indi-Games or those with atypical settings or mechanics) don’t get enough attention in Germany I wrote my first reports and introductions.

I don’t like writing reviews that go into great detail, particularly I don’t like doing maths on probabilities. However, I like to give a short and clear overview and who might be interested playing those games. Of course, this is my opinion and there will be quite a lot of people who disagree. 🙂

I like to do one-shots or small campaigns and I love sandboxes. You’ll see that I have a pool of players but often we have new players who never played roleplaying games. I love to teach new games and promote this wonderful hobby.

I’m always happy to get feedback and recommendations. With this blog I also want to enhance my English, because I am not a native speaker. For those who are interested, my name is Florian, born in 1987, father of two, scientist and forever GM. I started playing in 2008 and my first rpg was Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy 1st edition. As a teenager, I played the Dungeons and Dragons board game and several freeform and play-by-post-rpgs but WH40k DH was my first real rpg experience. A friend of mine introduced me to Hollow Earth Expedition and I learned that I love to try new games out. Because it was hard to find a gm for all those games, I had to take this role, but I love to be a game master and I try to improve myself all the time. I like leightweight systems and I love the Powered by the Apocalypse- and Forged in the Dark-games. Other favourite systems are OSR, Year Zero-Engine and 2D20.