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Avatar Legends – Conclusion „The Vanishing Act“

We played The Vanishing Act adventure included in the Avatar Legends core rulebook yesterday. No one in the group was previously familiar with the game, with some already having experience playing Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) games. I’m not going to give away what happened in the adventure, I want to share what we experienced about the game itself.

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Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 – Conclusion “No Response from Station Echo“

After a successful start to the New Year I wanted to stay with Horror as a theme and so we have a played a session of the new Achtung! Cthulhu edition. I have to say that I found it quite difficult to find players. Nevertheless, we experienced an exciting adventure off the coast of England.

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Tales from the Loop – Conclusion Starter Set

After a break, I try to go back to my hobby more regularly. Especially when you have little time, starter boxes or beginner sets are a good way to start your adventure straight away. Since I like Tales from the Loop (TftL) very much, I decided to play the starter set, the support from Foundry VTT made many things very pleasant. As I am writing about an official adventure, I am giving a spoiler warning.

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Der Heilige von Bruckstadt – Conclusion Session #0 and #1

I have already presented the adventure “Der Heilige von Bruckstadt”, but of course I wanted to play the whole thing too. My conclusion will consist of two sections, a general part that everyone can read and a section specifically for gms, where there will definitely be spoilers (and which will also be marked accordingly by me).

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