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Power Rangers Roleplaying Game – Introduction

The release of the official Power Rangers Roleplaying Game is imminent and those who pre-ordered now have access to the PDF version. My curiosity got the better of me, so here is a closer look at the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game.

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Crescent Moon – Introduction

Based on the playtest version, I had already written a preview of Crescent Moon. Now that I have the finished version in my hands, it’s time for a complete introduction. Crescent Moon was funded at the Zine Quest on Kickstarter. Blades in the Dark (BitD) was the model for the rules, but Crescent Moon is designed for hearty and relaxed play.

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An Altogether Different River – Introduction

There are always games that amaze me with their mechanics or come with a great concept. An Altoghether Different River (I abbreviate it with River) is such a game with an intriguing concept, you create a city and its history in no time at all and all without frills. I would like to introduce you to this very interesting zine.

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