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The One Ring Second Edition – Insight “Combat”

Let’s take a look at the third pillar of the adventurer phase, the combat rules. As always, I’ll use the group of heroes I’ve created as an example. A few things have been adjusted again and of course, I’ll try to cover as much as possible.

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The One Ring Second Edition – Insight “Council”

Like the rules for traveling, the social encounters have also been revised significantly. Using an example, I would like to explain how a council works and, of course, I also go into what the differences are and what impressions I have of them.

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The One Ring RPG Second Edition – Insight “travel”

After the character creation and an overview of the new edition of The One Ring RPG (TOR), let’s take a look at the revised rules for travel. I had already voiced my concerns, so I wanted to try it myself.

First, I completed my group and in addition to my Saradas, the hobbit scholar from character generation, there are Emma Asterfire, a messenger from Bree, the treasure-seeking dwarf Burin and the elf champion Durandir. The table on the roles shows which skills are important for which role and so Emma serves as a guide, Saradas as a scout, Burin as a lookout and Durandir as a hunter.

Since there are no new maps yet (with some adjustments you can use the old maps), I fictitiously planned a journey of 12 hex fields, without difficult terrain and everything in a safe area. One field corresponds to 20 km and so the route has a length of 240 km and should take 13 days.

At the beginning the guide makes a marching test and rolls for travel, since this is a favoured roll for Emma, ​​she is allowed to roll two feat dice and receives a 7 and a 12 (Gandalf’s rune). Therefore, the test is automatically a success. The success dice show 5, 3 and 6, i.e. another success and so the first event of the journey is four fields away (if successful, 3 hex fields + 1 for each further success). As a loremaster, I roll a success die and a feat die to determine the target of the event (i.e. which role is affected) and what kind of event it is. The 4 on the success die means that all hunters are affected. Because we are in a safe environment here, the feat die roll is favoured, so I can roll two dice, as a result I get a 1 and a 6, the latter being chosen results in a mishap. Durandir has to choose whether to test hunting or athletics, he chooses the latter because this skill is favoured. He receives a 1 and a 4, as well as 1 and 5 on the success dice, so a failure. Something went wrong during the hunt and took way more time. The group loses a day as a result. Everyone gets two fatigue points, since it’s spring.

The second marching test is successful again, but without an additional 6 on the success dice. The next event is three hexes away. This time with a 5 the role of the guide is chosen (it is again a mishap) and Emma has to put a test on lore or travel. The test on travel is successful (a 22 against the target value of 15) and there are again 2 points of fatigue for the group.

The third marching test is again a success with an additional success and so the next event waits 4 hexes further for the group. Saradas is used as a scout and fails a test of craft with a 9 against his target value of 15. Therefore, there is no such thing as a chance meeting with a potentially useful person. At the end there is the fourth marching test, the next event would be three spaces away, but the destination has already been reached and so there were only three events on the way. The trip took 14 days, so our heroes arrived a day late.

I’ve just played everything through on my own now, of course more has to happen in a group and the events definitely have to be played out properly, otherwise traveling is more of a burden. I think it’s a shame that the new version gives much less examples on events than the first edition. In addition, I’m still very unsure whether I like the changes or not. I think the new way for the fatigue points is good, but I’m missing something. It also bothers me that not everyone in the group is always involved. I like the principle of Forbidden Lands even better because every group member makes their contribution and is always involved.

My impression so far is that with the new variant, traveling, similar to a montage, is pretty much summarized. I could imagine that one or the other group of players might not like that. For the fact that travel plays (or should play) such a big part in TOR, it seems very slimmed down to me and more a collection of fatigue points than a highlight of a session. However, I just have to experience the whole thing live with my group before I can make a final judgment.

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Varsity – Preview

Whenever you think that you have already seen everything, you come across an unusual, or rather extraordinary, role-playing concept. In the case of Varsity, you play a sports team and thus move away from fights, dungeons and the like. In addition, if my favorite PbtA system is also involved, then it’s definitely worth a look. Therefore, what can we expect from Varsity?

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Space Kraken – Preview

Space Kraken is a very ambitious project, which first aroused my interest with its presentation and the artwork. Its unique selling point, however, is its gameplay, which I have never seen in an analogue game. I received a prototype, a demo, so to speak, and I started my adventure. In this preview, I want to give a general overview of what to expect from Space Kraken.

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Crescent Moon – Preview

There were many interesting projects at this year’s Zine Quest. For me personally, Crescent Moon was the most interesting zine, because it just presses so many buttons on me: inspired by Forged in the Dark, elements from Mausritter and Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA), great artwork and children as characters. Now there is finally playable material and that’s why I give you an overview in the form of a preview.

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Broken Tales – Preview

There are currently many exciting and interesting crowdfundings running. I came across Broken Tales by chance. Here fairy tale characters, a dark alternative version of our world and a fast system with a lot of freedom for the players are mixed together, so exactly my case. There is a quickstart to get a first impression and I want to summarize the most important elements.

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Twilight: 2000 – Preview #4 “Travel, Encounters and Adventure sites”

In addition to fighting and survival, travel plays a very important role in Twilight: 2000. On the way to the next destination or in the search for new supplies, all sorts of things can happen and many places can be discovered. And that’s exactly why we’re taking a closer look at these aspects in this preview.

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