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Dragonbane – Preview #2 “Characters”

In the second part of my preview I would like to take a look at the player characters and their creation. Many elements are already known from Forbidden Lands, although there are of course some differences.

Dragonbane – Preview #1 “Overview”

The Swedish role-playing game Drakar och Demoner gets a new edition and is translated into English for the first time. Under the name Dragonbane we can enjoy a new fantasy role-playing game from Free League. In my preview series, I want to show you what to expect and how Dragonbane differs from Forbidden Lands.

Land of Eem – Preview

I have subscribed to many newsletters and so a lot of advertising ends up in my inbox. I usually go over that very quickly, but I’m really glad I checked out Land of Eem because it ticks so many points for me that it’s one of my top favorites for 2023.