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Forbidden Lands – Report #12 „The Hollows“

The new year began for us with a new session of our Forbidden Lands campaign. There were a lot of new information and developments this time, so our group is forced to act. You can read here what exactly happened.

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Annual review 2021

The year 2021 is past and so I would like to review the things that are most important to me and summarize everything. A lot has happened; there have been a lot of new games and cool ideas. I also have a whole series of good resolutions regarding my hobby.

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Crescent Moon – Introduction

Based on the playtest version, I had already written a preview of Crescent Moon. Now that I have the finished version in my hands, it’s time for a complete introduction. Crescent Moon was funded at the Zine Quest on Kickstarter. Blades in the Dark (BitD) was the model for the rules, but Crescent Moon is designed for hearty and relaxed play.

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