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Dragonbane – Preview #2 “Characters”

In the second part of my preview I would like to take a look at the player characters and their creation. Many elements are already known from Forbidden Lands, although there are of course some differences.

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Dragonbane – Preview #1 “Overview”

The Swedish role-playing game Drakar och Demoner gets a new edition and is translated into English for the first time. Under the name Dragonbane we can enjoy a new fantasy role-playing game from Free League. In my preview series, I want to show you what to expect and how Dragonbane differs from Forbidden Lands.

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Crescent Moon – Introduction

Based on the playtest version, I had already written a preview of Crescent Moon. Now that I have the finished version in my hands, it’s time for a complete introduction. Crescent Moon was funded at the Zine Quest on Kickstarter. Blades in the Dark (BitD) was the model for the rules, but Crescent Moon is designed for hearty and relaxed play.

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